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The Evolution of Medicare: Problems and Solutions

Medicare changes are constant – some might even say it’s experiencing a perfect storm. A drastic rise in the number of Baby Boomers coming into Medicare, combined with the erosion of traditional employer retirement benefits, has significantly expanded the Medicare insurance market.

Take this statistic: About 10,000 people are enrolling in Medicare every day. With so many people aging into Medicare, there’s a strong need for helpful resources that retirees can rely on. Unfortunately, this type of support hasn’t been made as readily available as some would like.

 We’ve taken a look at some of the issues facing this growing group of people and provided some helpful solutions that will make what was a complex change, an easy one.

The issue: A new vocabulary

It takes time to learn the Medicare language. Take Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D; plus Medigap Plans A through N (aka Medicare Supplement); then there’s PDP and MA. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – there’s a lot to decipher.

The solution: Your own Medicare glossary

Knowing the differences between these terms can help you avoid negative experiences and additional costs when picking your plan. Start exploring EasyMedicareChoices’ Medicare glossary to get informed.

 The issue: Confusing information

A lot of Medicare information can be verbose and lengthy. At times, information is provided in 100-page documents with small print, making it pretty unrealistic to wade through for the average person.

The solution: A simplified Medicare summary

An explanation of Medicare that cuts through the clutter and provides individuals with the must-have information is ideal. And you can find it here.

The issue: A digital trend

The market as a whole is becoming increasingly computer savvy, but online resources aren’t always clear or concise. This is the first generation of Medicare beneficiaries who spent most of their working careers with computers as a common feature in the workplace, which means they’ll be looking to online resources for their Medicare information.

The solution: You’re on the right path if you’re reading this

Staying tuned in to Medicare-related online information and other forms of digital resources that provide greater insight into the market will only help you make an even more informed decision when it’s time to either transition into Medicare or switch to a new plan.

The issue: Less guidance

Unlike employer-based health insurance plans, retirees don’t have a Human Resources department to help guide them through the decision-making process. The consumer is often on their own to make big decisions regarding their health care, without the type of recommendations they once had at their fingertips.

The solution: An unbiased, online Medicare calculator.

EasyMedicareSolutions is an unbiased tool that offers plan recommendations based off past and future health care needs. It acts like your personal HR department, providing total potential yearly costs and helping you get a better idea of exactly what type of plan might suit your lifestyle.

As Medicare changes and continues to evolve with the times, so will the information that’s out there. In the meantime, stay up to date on all things Medicare with the EasyMedicareChoices’ blog.