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A New Generation Aging into Medicare (And The Digital Demand)

Those aging into Medicare today are a more technologically savvy generation than ever before, having spent the majority of their working careers in a workplace with computers. But what does this mean for insurance providers? It means that the way consumers learn about Medicare and how they wrap their heads around it is changing. And the need for digital resources is greater than ever before.

Let’s take a step back and dig into just how this new generation of Medicare recipients is consuming digital content – and how that changing behavior might impact the way they make their Medicare decisions.

A Shift to Digital

Baby Boomers retiring and making the transition into Medicare are doing it in a way that’s completely different from generations before them. They’re interacting with health care providers digitally and through more advanced forms of technology.

We took a look at some recent studies that showcase just how much the Baby Boomers’ online behavior has shifted. More importantly, this information sheds a light on why Medicare resources and providers need to be up to par when it comes to a digital presence for this audience.

Internet Usage Statistics

Technology Usage Statistics

The Takeaways

So what are these statistics telling us? They’re telling us that there’s a dramatic acceptance of technologies in Baby Boomers, an acceptance that did not exist a generation ago. They use tablets and smartphones to do their research, and let websites impact their purchasing decisions. Simply put, the newest generation of people aging into Medicare relies on technology to help them learn, research, and shop. The digital demand is real and Medicare insurance providers need to up their supply of resources in order to remain up-to-speed with their now digitally savvy audience.

One such resource that’s meeting this demand is the EasyMedicareSolutions™ tool. Use it, and receive unbiased coverage recommendations based on health care needs and usage. The best part? It provides a breakdown of potential costs that could impact a Medicare recipient throughout the year. So start exploring today.